Buck Pole Raffle Winners 2016

            RAFFLE RESULTS  2016 Mancelona Buck Pole November 15 & 16 (Our 62nd annual Buck Pole)


RAFFLE (Open to everyone!) 
Raffle tickets are $1 each or a book of six for $5.  Tickets are on sale throughout Mancelona, or call the Chamber, 231-587-5500 for locations. Also will be sold at the buck pole both November 15 and 16.  Drawing is November 16 at 7:00 p.m. at the Buck Pole.  You do *not* need to be present to win. When you purchase tickets please write you mailing address on the stub so we can mail your prizes to you immediately after the drawing.


GRAND PRIZE $1,000 - Casey Pruitt
Second Prize  $150 - Dick Dowd

Third Prize     $100 - Sandra Watson

Fourth Prize - Bernie Blackmore Memorial (hand made wooden crate with several items inside) - won by Triston Cole

Winners are listed below.  Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets!  We will work hard to have even more prizes next year!



2016 Mancelona Buck Pole Raffle Prizes
1 $1000 Cash GRAND PRIZE 2016 Mancelona Chamber of Commerce Pruitt, Casey
2 $150 Cash SECOND PRIZE Mancelona Chamber of Commerce Dowd, Dick
3 $ 100 Cash THIRD PRIZE Mancelona Chamber of Commerce Watson, Sandra
4 Bernie Blackmore Memorial FOURTH Mancelona Chamber of Commerce Cole, Triston
5 $25 Gift Certificate Save a Lot Vandergriff, Gloria
6 3 Month Subscription Traverse City Record Eagle Galantowicz, Dee
7 Micro chipping of your pet Meadow Pond Pet Resort Krause, Richard
8 $25 Cash 4 Front Credit Union Proffer, Ken
9 Spices Six Pack Alden Mill House Barr, Brian
10 Hair Cut and Meals Sheris Shear Shack and McDonalds Boswood, Brian
11 Pizza Pizza Shoppe Musser, Brian
12 Junk Food Basket Moore Plumbing and Heating Heiser, Craig
13 $20 Chamber Bucks Mancelona Chamber of Commerce Long, Mike
14 Admission and Meals Infinity Raceway and McDonalds Johnson, Don
15 Turkey Duerksen Turkey Farm Wilson, Melissa
16 Maple Syrup and Picture Frame Cedar Bend Farm and Up North Live Godfrey, Deanna
17 $15 Gift Certificate Mancelona True Value Hardware Thornsberry, Andrew
18 $15 Gift Certificate Ellsworth Farmers Exchange Dunaski, Mark
19 $10 Gift Certificate and Admission Shirleys Café and Infinity Raceway Hittle, Eli
20 $50 Gift Certificate Mancelona Sports Ottgen, Steve
21 $15 Gift Certificate Settings Restaurant Blackmore, Lucas
22 $25 Gift Certificate Family Fare Russo, Tracy
23 $20 Chamber Bucks Donna Krieg Realtor Williams, Terry
24 Food Basket and Haircut Green Lantern Bar and Champu Salon Kortier, Jeanne
25 Oil Change Tims Tire and Offroad Center Taylor, Jennifer
26 Maple Syrup and Admission Cedar Bend Farm and Infinity Raceway Barr, Brian
27 $25 Gift Certificate Mancelona Hardware Oliver, Neil
28 Membership and Banquet Dinner QDMA Tip of the Mitt Tracey, Melissa
29 Tool Box filled DiRosa Welding Robbins, Joe
30 $25 Cash Matts Underground Oliver, Neil
31 $25 Gas and Gift Bag Antrim County Title Inc Fales, David
32 $15 Gift Certificate Iron Skillet Potere, Sharon
33 Food Basket and Massage Green Lantern Bar and Back to Basics Spires, Jeffery
34 Spices Four Pack Alden Mill House Cole, Triston
35 $25 Cash Mortensen Funeral Homes Boswood, Brian
36 $15 Gift Certificate Iron Skillet Lockman, Ken
37 Tackle Box and Custom Lures Gills n Thrills Custom Lures Shafer, Todd
38 $20 Chamber Bucks Mancelona Chamber of Commerce Orman, Dakota
39 $25 Cash Alden State Bank Louis, Mark
40 Subscription Antrim Review Orman, Keith
41 $15 Gift Certificate & $10 Gift Cert Mancelona True Value and Shirleys Café Crawford, Mike
42 $25 Cash C & K Inc Dowd, Dick
43 $50 Gift Certificate Tims Tire and Offroad Center Masserang, Elizabeth
44 $25 Cash Matts Underground Robbins, Ketih
45 Super Lift Tickets qty 2 Shanty Creek Resort Crowell, Jim
46 Spices Three Pack Alden Mill House Blackmore, Lucas
47 $25 Gift Card Derrer Oil BP Gas Station Sizen, Sierra
48 $25 Gift Certificate Family Fare Day, Marvin
49 $25 Cash Alden State Bank Johnson, Bud
50 $25 Gift Card Mancelona Hardware Derrer, Dennis
51 $25 Gift Certificate Pelican's Nest Lightbody, Andrew
52 $10 Gift Certificate and Hair Cut Shirleys Café and Champu Hair Salon Crawford, Kim
53 $25 Cash C & K Inc Patterson, Janet
54 $25 Gift Certificate Mancelona Sports Kortier, Jeanne
55 Pizza Papa Ks Hughes, Nichole
56 $15 Gift Certificate and Meals Mancelona True Value and McDonalds Post, Steve
57 $15 Gift Certificate and Meals Settings Restaurant and McDonalds VanBlooy, Dick
58 $25 Cash Bingham Insurance Agency Bowen, Ann
59 Dozen Donuts and Meals BoJacks and McDonalds Gould, Ron
60 Spices Six Pack Alden Mill House Hill, David
61 $25 Gift Certificate Mancelona Hardware Eisner, Art
62 $25 Cash 4 Front Credit Union Kost, Lori
63 Pizza Papa Ks Drettman, Brian
64 $20 Chamber Bucks Donna Krieg Realtor Tipton, Adrianna
65 Massage and Meals Back to Basics and McDonalds Griffore, Randy
66 Hair Cut and Meal Sheris Shear Shack and Dairy Delite Musser, Ian
67 $15 Gift Certificate and Meals Merchandise Outlet and McDonalds Donnelly, C
68 $25 Gas and Gift Bag Antrim County Title Inc Ross, Tim
69 Raffle Ticket $52 Value QDMA Tip of the Mitt Needham, Larry
70 $25 Cash Alden State Bank Godfrey, Deanna
71 $20 Gift Certificate Flynn Orchards Miller, Terry
72 $25 Gift Card Derrer Oil BP Gas Station Peters, Kim
73 $15 Gift Card Ellsworth Farmers Exchange Maule, Denise
74 $25 Gift Card Mancelona Hardware Robbins, Joe
75 $25 Gift Certificate NAPA Polar Equator Feher, Joshua
76 $10 Gift Certificate and Meal Merchandise Outlet and Dairy Delite Drettman, Brian
77 $25 Cash Matts Underground Johnson, Betty
78 Pizza Pizza Shoppe Coleman, Ralph
79 Subscription Traverse City Record Eagle Sorken, Jacy
80 $15 Gift Certificate Iron Skillet Simmons, Gerald
81 $25 Gift Card Derrer Oil BP Gas Station Kruger, Aaron
82 $25 Gift Card Save a Lot Harp, Larry
83 Popcorn Machine DTX International Delecki, Angie
84 $25 Cash Mortensen Funeral Homes Macdonald, Danny
85 Subscription Antrim Review Shafer, Todd
86 $25 Gift Certificate Mancelona Sports Kerr, Sydney
87 Boarding Pass Mancelona Veterinary Hospital Harp, Larry
88 $25 Gift Card Derrer Oil BP Gas Station Olds, Linda
89 $25 Gift Certificate NAPA Polar Equator Barr, Sue
90 $15 Gift Certificate Iron Skillet Kerr, Norman
91 $15 Gift Card Ellsworth Farmers Exchange Allen, Randy
92 $25 Cash R & S Auto Stephenson, Amber
93 $25 Cash Matts Underground Ciofani, Joe and Cathy
94 $20 Gift Certificate Bella Flowers Smith, Brenda
95 $25 Cash Alden State Bank Carper, Luke
96 Pizza Papa Ks Krause, Richard
97 Shirt Meals Coupon Whitetails Unlim McDs Merch Outlet Orman, Dakota
98 Maple Syrup and Meals Moore Plumbing and Heating and Subway Heiser, Craig
99 Meals Subway and McDonalds Peters, Theresa
100 $20 Gift Certificate and Meals Gills n Thrills Custom Lures and McDonalds Keil, Lorraine
101 Michigan State Flag Triston Cole State Rep Moeke, Kris
102 Duffel Bag kit 9 & 10 News Orman, Keith
103 Sweatshirt kit 9 & 10 News Parkin, Linda











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