Tourist Information

Cascade Road



Cascade Road is located off Alba Highway, approximately halfway between US 131 and Highway M-66, and runs north off of Alba Highway.

Once you turn onto this road, which is another entryway into the beautiful Jordan Valley, you'll notice that it is a seasonal road.  During berry season, you'll want to carry a bucket or two along. Blackberries are abundant within the first mile alone, on the west side of the road.


Further along, you will see turn-outs where you can park your car, then walk on foot paths on the east side of the road. The paths lead to the river and are well worth the short trek. Serious hikers are occasionally seen along the pathway in these areas.


Cascade Road continues north, with several sections along the way where you should get out of the car and see the river. Cascade will end at Pinney Bridge Road, at which point you may turn left (west) for an exit to Highway M-66, or turn right (east) for a longer, scenic drive to Jordan River Road. At the Jordan River Road, turn north for a much longer scenic drive with a variety of branches to explore, or turn south to point back toward Alba.


It is easy to get turned around on the roads through the Jordan Valley. It is highly recommended that you take along an Antrim County map!