Jordan Valley Monuments Serves Northern Michigan


Mancelona Chamber of Commerce welcomes Jordan Valley Monuments as a member.

Andrew Apps has over 30 years’ experience serving individuals, families and communities in times of crisis and times of celebration. He knows that these moments are full of emotions and deeply personal. Purchasing a monument is too. Working with Jordan Valley Monuments isn’t just about the stone. It’s about your memories. So, no matter what you’re looking for, we consider it a privilege to be part of honoring those memories. 

Jordan Valley Monuments is privileged to continue to

serve northern Michigan families with the same high-quality Sunburst Memorials first brought here by Anger Monuments in 1993. But the similarity does not end there. Although we use different words, we share the same values!

Jordan Valley Monuments is committed to compassionate, personal service. Whether you’re looking for a cemetery monument, a veteran’s memorial, a commemorative bench, pet memorial, custom sign or sculpture, you’re inviting us to be part of something that’s deeply personal. We recognize that and do not take the privilege lightly!